Deck Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your timber deck well maintained will ensure the life span and beauty of your deck for many years. Timber decks should have a thorough maintenance every 1-2 years depending on the protective coating used. Correct deck care will keep your investment looking amazing and performing well.

Our Wellington deck cleaning service works with your specific needs to maintain and manage your decking all year round.

We consider both performance and cost effectiveness to ensure you are receiving the best possible service.


Improves the lifespan of your deck with natural oils and protection from the elements. 


Removes moss, slime, and staining that has built up on your deck to provide a safe surface to walk on.


Keep your wooden deck looking beautiful all year round. May it continue to stand out for years.


Our Gentle Process

  1. We assess the stability and soundness of your decking, to advise you if we find anything noteworthy
  2. We then soft soap water blast the steps and tight perimeters where our machine cannot reach
  3. We then use our Bona Scrubber (Left) to deep soap scrub the algae and slime from your deck
  4. After the deck cleaning process, we leave the deck to completely dry
  5. Once dry we apply quality Bona Decking Oil to the desired tint you have chosen

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