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Floorstar brings Wellington an Eco-friendly, dust-free floor repair service. A flooring revival & deep cleaning package for your Vinyl, Laminate, Engineered Timber, and Solid Timber Floors. Starting from the most basic of cleanses, going right through to a complete flooring restoration. Our package endeavors to bring your tired looking vinyl, laminate or engineered timber floor back to a sharp, beautiful condition without the cost and hassle of full replacement. It's amazing what we can do to an aging floor. Floorstar can also provide you with a complete floor oil service to maintain your oiled timber flooring. 

We use special cleaning machines with specialized water-based cleaners to rejuvenate and revive the colors and edges of your flooring. The deep cleaning removes any grime and hard to clean spots from between the planks. If you opt for the full package, we will arrange a complete new set of skirting boards and transition bars to add that extra touch or perfection. This will bring back those sharp new lines of a brand new floor; a great economical solution to get your house ready to impress.


Do I Need This Service?

Most hard floor surfaces are highly absorbent so after a while, regardless how often these floors are cleaned, the porous surface will contract a large amount of hard-pressed grime. What comes off during our cleaning process is surprising. This is due to a slow but sure build up of sundry dirt and bacteria which cannot be removed with regular mopping. Over the year, this results in your beautiful floor looking dull and aged.

However, it is prudent and recommended that annual maintenance on your floor is carried out. This is based on good manufacturers best practice recommendations. Furthermore, we add our own backing to this as an installation and floor repair company who sees a lot of floors going to waste too early due to a lack of annual maintenance carried out. Aftercare is a major component to keeping your flooring looking and performing well for at least 15 years if not longer.  

Improves the lifespan of your flooring to its life expectancy. Minimizing wear & tear.

Removes Bacteria build up to maintain a hygienic environment in your home or office. 

Saves you money whilst giving you a sharp new looking floor for many years to come. 

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We endeavor to ensure your home environment is safe to live in during and after our process. This ensures we are playing our part in global sustainability. Our company has chosen to use the worlds leading floor revival products which are both water-based and completely Eco-friendly.  Therefore, you can rest assured by using our services, you are eco-friendly clean.


Point of Difference

Why choose Floorstar over a conventional cleaning company? Firstly, we know & understand flooring, if anything goes wrong, we can sort it easily and without hassle for you. Secondly, our experts know what products work best with manufacturers warranties. Lastly, our service goes further than a clean, we can repair, remove, and replace items that require renewal. 


Dust Free

Further to keeping it green, we have also developed three of our packages to be dust free in process. This ensures your breathing environment will be just as it would be during a spring clean. No sanding or heavy buffing is required. Your home will be family friendly during our process. Note: Ultimate Revival emits minor dust due to skirting/panel replacement.

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Basic Clean Package

Starting at $400 per home

Safety in your home or workplace is important, with a deep clean and refresh, your floor will maintain its beauty and safety features while keeping it free from sundry grime and hard-pressed grit. The basic refresh package is our fastest, most economical floor cleaning package which involves the following tasks:

  • A thorough inspection of your floors condition
  • Large furniture removal / replacement
  • Removal of kick boards and fixtures to enable clear access
  • Removal of appliances if required
  • Heavy Scrub clean with our industrial floor cleaner 

Need to Sanitize?

Refreshed Sanitized Floors
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Cleanse & Refresh Package

Starting at $650 per home

Our Cleanse & Refresh Package is our entry level service to completely clean and sanitize your floor. We also include the sanitizing of the surrounding components like kitchen panels, trims, and skirting boards. This is a great option to remove any unwanted germs from hard surfaces in your home, office, or rental. This package involves the following tasks:

  • All the previous tasks plus...
  • Skirting clean + sanitize
  • Kitchen panel clean + sanitize
  • Cleaning grime along floor to wall or joinery junctions

Tired & Sun Damaged?

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Basic Revival Package

Starting at $1250 per home

The Basic Revival Package refreshes the beauty of your floor. While removing the harsh effects of sun damage, our revival also works to cosmetically sharpen the edges of your flooring to wall and panel junctions. Reviving your existing fixtures & trims is a great way to keep costs down while still reviving a fresh vibrant look in your home. This package involves the following tasks:

  • All the above tasks plus...
  • Basic touch up & refreshing of skirting boards
  • Special hot wax fill floor repair of any damaged or chipped planks
  • Deep cleanse of trims and transition bars
  • Application of floor coat revival refresh solution to illuminate your floor

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Ultimate Revival Package

Starting at $2000 per home

Our Ultimate Revival Package revives the beauty and integrity of your floor. We work to structurally sharpen the edges of your horizontal to vertical junctions. In other words: like new! This option allows for skirting & trim replacement with the added option of new kitchen panels. This package involves the following tasks:

  • All the above tasks plus...
  • Removal, sanding, painting, reinstating, and sealing of skirting boards
  • Or the complete renewal of your skirting boards.
  • New door trim bars to replace your old worn existing transitions
  • Renewal of all existing silicone sealant
  • Option to repair and/or replace your damaged kitchen panels
  • Free! Cleaning mop with 1 years supply of cleaner spray. 

Our Promise To You

Floorstar have installed every major type of click together style flooring there is. From vinyl planks to oak. We understand the product very well. From entry level ranges right through to your top quality European floors.

We understand hard flooring at all levels. we know it's limitations and strengths. Our cleaning and restoration service comes with many years of experience. This is why we can safely guarantee our floor cleaning service. You are in safe hands. 

We not only guarantee you a quality revival service but we also provide you with helpful information about your floor. We can also assist you with choosing a new floor when the time does come. As we know, there will be a time when your flooring is past its season of revival.


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