Floor Oil Maintenance

Working with Floor Oil can be a messy job if you don't have the correct tools or skills, and yet we love oiled flooring and it always looks so alive and new when its oiled according to manufacturers recommendations. 

Furthermore, oiled timber flooring is the best looking flooring on the market if you love that beautiful natural timber look. The main problem faced with this high end flooring is having to apply messy floor oil every few months and then a major clean and oil application each year. Yes you just read correctly, you are supposed to apply a coat of maintenance oil every few months to keep the floor stain and water resistant. Then a complete maintenance oil is recommended every 12 months. 

Thankfully, Floorstar offer a comprehensive service to apply floor oil on your floor bi-monthly and/or yearly. 

Keep your flooring looking new and stainless with our simple Floor Oil service today.


Eco-Friendly Products

At Floorstar, we endeavor to ensure your home environment is safe to live in during and after our process. We also ensure we are playing our part in global sustainability. We have chosen to use the worlds leading floor revival products which are both water-based and completely Eco-friendly.  You can rest assured by using our services, you are working to keep our planet beautiful. 


Dust Free Products

Further to keeping it green, we have also developed three of our packages to be dust free in process. This ensures your breathing environment will be just as it would be during a spring clean. No sanding or heavy buffing is required. Your home will be family friendly during our process. Note: Ultimate Revival emits minor dust. 


Floor Oil Care

BI-Monthly Application $15 Per M2

Become part of our bi-monthly program to keep your flooring perfoming as it should. If you sign up for a yearly package you can save your time, money, and especially your floor. 

  • Choose your frequency: bi-monthly, half yearly, or annually 
  • Light floor clean 
  • Applying the correct Floor Oil
  • Light Buffing 
  • Moving Furniture

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Comprehensive Floor Oil Service

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Annual Floor Oil Package

Starting at $600 per home

Correctly maintaining your oiled timber floor requires a professional floor oil service to come through once per year to scrub your floor clean and remove all the grime. Once your floor has been deeply cleaned we then apply a healthy layer of specified floor oil. This will keep your flooring looking new for many years. 

  • Improves stain resistance
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Reveals the beauty of your timber
  • Keeps your flooring warranty intact 

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